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[Tutorial] How to make a simple friction folder
« dnia: 14-01-2007, 17:56:01 »
As I promised you sometime ago. there is the how to make a simple friction folder with a sandwich building.
The blade can be adapted on the how to make a horn handle for friction folder how to.
You will find everything here.

Warning, Your friction folder réalisation will need the use of some tool that could be cause some important injury. Use them with a lot of care and learn to use them .You will have to use a heat source in order to make the heat treatment. Take care do not injure you or somebody else. Said to the people around you that you will use some dangerous tool.Wear glove, mask and glasses.I can't be take for responsible for all eventuel accident of injury that could be happen during that how to realisation.

Matériel nécessaire.
1 dremel with sand drum, polishing felter and paste, cutting disk
1 file
1 hammer
A point to mark.
1 hacksaw
1 drill machine, 1 drill bit 2mm and 1 of 3mm.
Sand paper 40, 80, 120, 240, 400; 600. you can use all the other grit you want and a plate support to use the sand paper. (a simple plate of steel is enough)
1 heat source, (blowtorch or torch ) in order to make the heat treatment..
If you have the possibility a belt sander.

1 file in good steel
1 3 mm steel pins or mild steel nail.
1 roll pin of 2 mm
2 brass wascher of 3 mm.
1 wood piece of 3-5 mm thick, 2 cm high and 2,5 time the size of the blade.
1 piece of wood of the blade thickness and half blade size long
1 L of cheap oil.

Anneal the file with the torch. Heat the file to the red cherry or when the magnet don't attrack the steel. Cool slowly the steel

Cut the blade form with the hacksaw .

Drill the heel of the blade, that is the spot where we will find the roll pin. Hier it' s a 2mm hole. Keep 1 mm with the blade back.

Make in form the heel and the queue. Drill the 3 mm hole for the pivot. The pivot is in the 1/3 inferior of the blade.
Drill the 3 mm hole for the steel pivot. The point, the heel, and the queue are worked with the dremel sanding drum of 40 grit.

With a file maked the beginning of the edge (around 3 mm of the pivot hole)

Make the bevel, with a strong file, and with the sand paper on the little plate steel piece you have. The movement is heel to the point and point to the heel. The blade is fixed. With that method you will have a perfect plate bevel. try to have symetrical bevel on each side of the blade.

Heat treatment. Make three normalisation (heat the steel around the austenisation température (just under the red cherry) and let it to cool to the ambiant température. )
After heat the steel with the torch and as soon as the steel stop to attrack the magnet, put the blade in the oil bath (that you would have before heat a little around 60°C )
try to file the edge, if the file slid, the quench is OK, if the file bit a little. Retry.

Make the tempering in the kitchen furnace during 1 hour to 200°C

Plate preparation
Marked on a wood plate of 3-5 mm thick the futur handle form.

Fixed the piece on the workbench and cut with the saw. Keep some marging to have the possibility of work or correct something

The two plate are cut, Man can see the third piece to make the thickness of the knife. It's a spacer and have to make exactly the thickness of the blade.

The blade after cleaning, polishing and hardening line revelation.
In order to polish the blade, you have to use some sand paper 120-240-400-600.... The movement is from heel to point and point to heel. You can stop as soon as there is no more scratch
For a miror polishing, use some dremel felter disk and polishing paste. Put the paste on the felter slowly and apply the felter on the blade.

Drille a 3 mm hole for the pivot. Pivot the blade on the plate in order to see her evolution on the plate.

Drill two 3mm hole in the spacer for the pins and drill the plate with the spacer in place in order to have everything in line.
Recut the spacer after that in function of the blade. The aim is that the blade obtain a good position in the handle.

The spacer has exactly the thickness of the blade.

A little puzzle, the piece has been worked in order to have some ergonomy. The spacer is perfectly adjust in order to integrate the two plate.

A first assembly.

Put the roll pin in the hole. And recut it in order to have 2mm on each side.

The position of the various piece.

With a file work the tang cup where the roll pin will take position.

You can cut the roll pin if you don't have already cut it. The is no steel piece out of the handle size.

Before to pin the knife, you have to soft the plate. The piece is fixed (i use plastic piece to protect the wood). With 120 grit sand paper soft the plate.

The puzzle. 1 pin cut and 2 simple brass wascher.
The formula for size of the pin.
Blade thickness, + handle plate thickness +2 wascher thickness + Pivot diameter.
4mm + 2*3mm + 2* 0,7mm+ 2* 1/2 de 3mm. = 1, 45 cm.

For pin the knife, hit softly with an 45° angle in order to not deform verticaly the pin.
I clean the pin with the dremel. and i soft everything with 240-400 sand paper.

A little Lin oil bath of 24-48 hour could be good to protect the wood.

The result here

I hope you enjoyed the trip

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Odp: [Tutorial] How to make a simple friction folder
« Odpowiedź #1 dnia: 14-01-2007, 18:19:53 »
As simple as beautiful.
Wonderful pictorial and descriptions!

Thanks a lot :-)
Fanklub Taktycznej Rusałki |#| Barankom mówię moje stanowcze nie :mad:
hokka hey hadree hadree succomee succomee

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Odp: [Tutorial] How to make a simple friction folder
« Odpowiedź #2 dnia: 17-01-2007, 09:19:10 »
cardoso5fr - "that's the man"
I really love the simplicity of the making - very similiar style of work as my "mentor's" Tim, although he usually forges the files using Reil's LPG forge, also for hardening.
Want to take a look? Here's the link to Tim's gallery - not very up to date, as many of his best knives aren't there...
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Re: [Tutorial] How to make a simple friction folder
« Odpowiedź #3 dnia: 17-01-2007, 09:20:57 »
Thank you :). I will take a look tonight (at my work there is a filter :)).